Transmute Your Apple Keyboard and Trackpad with MagicWand

It doesn’t take sorcerous conjuration or wizardly spells to add enhancement to your Apple experience. Even a simple apprentice can add a touch of magic to their Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad with the new MagicWand. That’s a lot of magic in a sentence but you won’t be disappointed.

The MagicWand is a small accessory that connects the two Apple input devices to form a single input keyboard-mouse combo. The resulting keyboard can easily pair with any iMac, MacBook and your Apple home theater system. Since multi-touch and gesture plays a major role in the efficiency of iPad and other Mac desktops, Apple fans can make the most of all that finger tapping and swiping technology by uniting the keyboard and trackpad – no more reaching across the desk to catch the mouse. MagicWand also adds to the already clean lines of Apple computers by turning any desktop into a simpler and minimalistic work environment. Using this Apple gadget is as simple as snapping it and the trackpad on the keyboard. Its ambidextrous design allows users to attach the trackpad in either the left or right side of the keyboard. It also features a handy H-beam that maintains the keyboard aligned with the trackpad so that your new keyboard and mouse combo can be placed in any surface including user’s lap or armrest.

MagicWand is constructed from the same durable and lighweight polycarbonate material found in MacBooks, so expect no metal to metal scrapes when you snap the accessory into place.

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