Transform your Phone into a Mobile Remote, Thanks to the Partnership of Griffin and Dijit

Geeks like you sure have the latest mobile phones. Perhaps, you also take pride in having a modern home entertainment system that includes a universal remote control. Do you know that even without its remote control, you now have a way to turn on and off, and adjust the settings of your entertainment system? That’s now possible via your mobile phone, with the aid of a powerful tool called Beacon. Yes, you read it right. You can now turn your much-loved iOS or smartphone device into a Universal Remote Control, thanks to the partnership of Griffin Technology and Dijit. The system was demonstrated at the recently concluded International Consumer Electronics Show.

Beacon was designed to provide your pocket-sized device the power to control your entire home theater setup. Beacon transforms your iOS or smartphone into a handy, user-friendly remote for various home entertainment systems by converting Bluetooth signals coming from your device into your component’s anticipated infrared commands. By pairing up your iOS gadget or smartphone with Dijit’s Universal Remote App, absolute control over your home entertainment center is right in the palm of your hand. With this, you can also say goodbye to large dongles or cases as well as to muddled wires or cables.

Setting up the Beacon is easy. Your smartphone’s Multi-Touch or touch screen display will be the remote that you can utilize when changing channels, adjusting volume, and other adjustments you want done in your home entertainment system. If you’re interested check out availability of this product along with other Bluetooth remote controls at Amazon.

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