Track your Daily Activities with NewYu Fitness Tracker

Being health conscious can be a lifetime passion and this duration involves virtually all activities you perform every day. Since you cannot monitor and manage everything alone, what you need is a fitness monitor that helps you track your daily movements like the NewYu. Unlike traditional devices that can only check limited activities, the NewYu health tracker monitors walking, running, biking, elliptical, step machines, aerobic activities and even daily movements from cooking, vacuuming, gardening, and shopping. This means a more accurate review on your movements and activities.

The NewYu can be easily attached to your clothing or pocket using the durable clip. To track your movements, it utilizes advanced pattern recognition technology that automatically detects and categorizes a lot of tasks you regularly encounter in a day thus getting a more accurate calorie burn count. After recording every action you perform, the NewYu can be easily synced to online dashboard thus keeping your fitness stats and allowing you to prepare fitness goals, track progress, and share your results with other people in ConnectYu Community. You can even sync the device to your Android phone via Bluetooth to keep track of the food you have eaten. You can simply input the food you’ve eaten or select from more than 50,000 foods stored in the CalorieKing database. The NewYu system also remembers the foods you often logged in.

This fitness tracker monitors your steps taken and distance traveled each day, calculates the amount of calories you burn based on the type and duration of your activities, and tracks the number of movements you have during your prearranged rest period so that you can examine the effects of your daily activities to your nightly rest.

More available fitness trackers can be found here.

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