Touchscreen Ski Gloves – Who Says You Need to Whip your Gloves Off?

Because whoever it is, does not know that you can now make and receive calls on your touchscreen gadget without removing those gloves off. Yes, gone are the days when you need to go through the hassle of whipping your gloves off just to answer that important call and miss it eventually. With this new gadget accessory that we’ll feature here today, you can ski and snowboard without needing to remove your gloves when you want to use your touchscreen device. So, what’s the name of this product? Well, it’s called the Touchscreen Ski Gloves.

Okay, so when you look at this set of gloves, you’ll see that it doesn’t have much difference from the ordinary gloves. And yes, it’s also made extremely warm and durable, so your hands will stay comfortable even for long periods of skiing or snowboarding. Now, what makes these Touchscreen Ski Gloves distinctive then? Well, these feature eglove’s patented easy access digit system, whereas an inner sleeve is sewn into the forefinger and thumb, making detailed work like doing up zips and taking photos using your gadget as easy as counting 1-2-3. And what’s even more exciting about this is that the tips of the inner sleeves are coated in a conductive metallic material, so it’s basically easier for you to make and receive calls or update your blog using your touchscreen device without exposing your bare fingers to the freezing weather. Isn’t that sweet?

So, on your next ski or snowboarding adventure, use only this set of gloves for more convenience. To buy these Touchscreen Ski Gloves, just click here.

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