Touch Controlled Ferrari – It’s Like Having Your Own Ferrari

Have you dreamed of owning your own Ferrari for so long now? Although it’s quite difficult to reach that dream, especially if your day job only provides you with enough income to live by, still you can experience having one, only that it’s in the form of a geek toy called Touch Controlled Ferrari. But if this, for you, is better than nothing, then why not grab yourself one and start controlling it right at your fingertips?

This scale model Ferrari comes with a new and innovative touch sensitive controller, so indeed you can control it right at your fingertips. Though, at first, it looks like the typical Ferrari toy car that you see in the market, but it’s actually far beyond the ordinary remote control. Why? Because it’s officially licensed by no other than Ferrari itself. Cool, right! So even if it’s a replica you got there, you’re dream is somewhat fulfilled because after all, it’s still a Ferrari.

Given that you may not be able to drive your own Ferrari in the near future, you can still have so much fun controlling this little remote control marvel. Choose whatever speed you want, and it’ll go zooming around your home or outside the garden. Play this with your kids and you’ll sure have a great bonding time with them.

So interested to get one? Here read on the full specs of this product:

* Full functional digital proportional I/R control vehicle
* Produced under licence of Ferrari Spa
* Equipped with LED Light
* Available to control in a variety of speeds
* Tri-Band selection
* New innovative transmitter design, control through touch sensor
* Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
* 1:50 scale model

Get the Touch Controlled Ferrari here.

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