Totes Digital Coin Bank – Safety In A Cup

Money, money, money, is one thing that the world revolves around on. All of us want to become a billionaire. Every nickel and dime, cent and dollar we save can make a big difference someday. Have everything we want, buy everything we need.  Life can bring many ups and downs. It is also very important to be always prepared physically as well as financially. No other piggy bank offers more possibilities than this new portable gadget.

Since we were still young, our parents always tell us to save money in our piggy banks. We might have used our socks, empty cans, and even cups to stash money we have saved, I know I have. But, things now tend to be a little complicated. It is not enough to keep them safe in inside our socks, cups and cans alone. We need something more secure and has round the clock protection.

The Totes Digital Coin Bank is not just a good place to stash your money.  It also counts how much you have saved as well. For quick and easy access, you can also unscrew the top lid if you want to take some out. The Totes Digital Coin Bank seamlessly is the one for you and your money.

The Totes Digital Coin Bank features:

  • Electronic counter
  • LCD screen display
  • Screw lid top
  • Digital
  • Easy access buttons
  • Reset count button
  • Portable
  • Cool designs


For a more valued piggy bank, purchase the Totes Digital Coin Bank and stash your millions away safely.




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