Topeak Race Rocket Pump – Inflate those Bike Tires Less the Fuss

If you often go biking or perhaps riding a bicycle is your means of going to and fro your office or any nearby place at that, then you know exactly how frustrating it is if one of your bike tires suddenly goes flat on you. Good if this happens near a vicinity where you can easily vulcanize it or near your home where the bike pump is just within reach. But if not, you will sure go home pushing that bike instead of riding it. Don’t let this happen to you. On your next bike ride, be sure to equip yourself with the Topeak Race Rocket Pump.

The main convenience of this bike pump over the typical one is that it is lightweight and compact. You can easily fit it inside your backpack, jacket pocket, or any type of bag at that. Now, you might say that since it’s smaller, it might not be able to move more air as the regular bike pump does. That’s not the case however, because this gadget features extra wide chamber, allowing it to inflate your bike tires, yes even large volume tires up to pressure in seconds. So why go for the regular bike pump if this can very much do the same, with added bonus feature of being lightweight and compact?

Flat bike tires can surely turn a fun biking activity into a dreadful one if you don’t have a reliable bike pump with you always. So the next time you ride your bike, make sure you have this gadget tucked inside your bag.

Pre-order the Topeak Race Rocket Pump here now!

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