Top 5 Paintball Gadgets

If you’ve ever played paintball, you will know why it has risen into popularity over the years. Well, we all want a share of the adventures of our most admired heroes and stars portrayed in war movies. Unfortunately, not all of us encounter these kinds of adventures in our daily existence. But there’s paintball, and the reason it’s become so popular these days is that it’s just like the real thing! And the secrets? Well, the secrets are the gears and weapons which are almost real. And with our featured paintball gadgets in this post, you’ll surely love this sport even more.

RAP4 Paintball Hand Grenade

This hand grenade is almost real that it can be used not only in paintball games but even in the training of military personnel. First, it looks like the real grenade (pineapple style) – even the size. Plus, operating it is similar to operating a real grenade. Only, you can adjust the detonation time from 1 to 8 seconds. This grenade is reusable and can use 134A green gas, CO2, or compressed air. Despite all the realistic effects, however, it’s safe. Its use will surely elevate your game to a higher level of reality.

NcStar Multi 4 Reticle Reflex Scope Red Green Dot Sight – Camo

The primary advantage of this reflex sight over the others out there is its 7-position rheostat. With this feature, it will be easy for you to adjust the level of brightness according to the demands of the situation. This device illuminates in red and green, and it makes use of LED which is harmless to the eyes. And, it’s also very tough – perfect for a sport as tough as paintball. It’s got an anodized aluminum body and three different finishes for you to choose from. When you get this device, you’ll receive an extra battery, lens cover, and mounting tool together with the main gadget. This reflex sight will surely give you an edge in the game.

Paintball RADARchron

Despite being an aggressive and a reality-oriented game, paintball is still relatively safe – that much is guaranteed by game personnel. And, the use of the RADARchron sensor will even increase the safety of the game. Although the science behind the sensor is a little complex, the purpose is simple: to measure the speed of a paintball as it is shot from the marker (gun). This is important to ensure that the speed is still within the safe limit. All you have to do is to position the sensor near the barrel of the marker to measure, or to attach it to the barrel with a strap. This is very reliable that it’s even used even by game officials.

Midland TH4 Tactical Series Throat Mic with Acoustic Ear Tube

You may have the best gears and paintball gadgets, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll win if the coordination with your team is poor. This game, after all, is still a team game. And when it comes to team coordination and communication, the TH4 is superb. It’s an earphone and throat mic that guarantees clear voice transmission while blocking out all the unnecessary such as background noise. In fact, it’s so efficient that it can catch up and transmit even a whisper, so you can do the necessary planning with your team even in the midst of the enemies.

Paintball Robot

When you play paintball, you just expect to fire at your enemies. Add in this paintball robot and you’re in to a new and a more exciting game. This is remote controlled and comes with cameras suitable in different conditions. It can also take videos and send them back to the user so that you can do careful planning on how to eliminate the opponents. And, the paintball gun mounted on it can move vertically and horizontally, so you get more accuracy in your aim. With this robot at your side, you’re almost sure to win!

So, ready to dominate your next paintball game? Check out the mentioned gadgets and bring your game to another level of excitement and realism.

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