Top 5 Geekie Easter Bunny Gadget Gifts

The Easter celebration is just a week from now – have you made plans to celebrate this special occasion? Easter brings to mind memories of parties, colorful eggs, and egg hunts that we used to participate in and enjoy when we were kids. But, that doesn’t mean adults can’t join in the fun, does that? For your adult friends, you just have to level up a bit when it comes to the Easter gifts or eggs that you give. No more of the fancy candies and toys – why don’t you go more geekie? Below are the top five recommended gadget gifts that you can get your friends for Easter or simply use for your Easter celebration:

OGGZ (Single) Color Morphing Accent Lighting by Can You Imagine

Soft, squishy, colorful, and relaxing – these are how you describe the Oggz. It’s a color-changing accent light that’s a little bigger than an egg. When you turn it on, it slowly cycles through the different rainbow colors, perfect for all occasions – party lights, table centerpiece, or just a mood lighting inside your bedroom. The light comes in a set of three, although it’s also offered individually. It comes with a charging station and a switch that you just have to activate on and off. One charging can last for many hours.

Gro-Egg Color Changing Digital Room Thermometer, White

Do you have a friend who has a baby? Gro-egg is a perfect gift! It’s a cute room thermometer that cycles through three different colors according to the temperature: yellow for the correct temp, red for too warm, and blue for too cold. So, while your friend’s baby can’t tell his mom whether he feels too cold or too warm, the thermometer can tell. And if your friend’s not too keen on color changes, don’t worry because there’s an easy to read display that shows the exact temperature. This is both a practical and a cool gift!

Norpro Egg Rite Egg Timer

This gadget is perfect for friends who need some more skills in the kitchen, even in the simple task of cooking eggs. This is a timer that you just include among the eggs when you cook them. The red face of the device will change in color to indicate the various stages that the eggs are going through – from soft to hard. The measurement is not by time, but by temperature. So, there’s no more need to guess whether it’s time to take the eggs out or not.

Egg Massager

Massages are known to help in fighting off stress and potential sickness, but we don’t always have the resources to get one now and then. If you have a friend who is often stressed out at work or at home, you can get him this egg massager. It’s colorful, and that alone can brighten up your friend’s day. More than that, however, it can really soothe the tension in one’s muscles with its three vibrating nodules. And with its compact size, your friend can bring this anywhere and enjoy instant massage anytime!

Zapi Pop Za-Za Toothbrush Sanitizer

It’s cute, but it’s deadly – to germs and bacteria. This toothbrush sanitizer is an easy- and fun-to-use device. To clean your toothbrush, all you have to do is to insert the brush here, press the button, and you can then leave it – the device will automatically work and turn off on its own after the sanitizing. You can expect guaranteed efficiency because the device uses germicidal ultraviolet light for killing bacteria. And because of its cool design, it’s perfect for young and old alike!

With all the mentioned gift ideas, you’re ready to celebrate Easter with a bang. Your friends will surely remember you for these unique and useful gifts!

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