Top 5 Gadgets to Upgrade Your Bike

Biking is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. And when used as a means of transportation, it’s a cost-saving and energy-saving equipment. And as we celebrate American Bike Month this May, we at Geekie Gadgets have looked into some of the most appealing upgrades that you can get for your bike. Check these out:

Fibre Flare Red Shorty Tail Light

Because bikers are vulnerable to all kinds of road accidents, they need all the protection that they can get when on the road. Why not start with a highly functional light that will make you visible to everybody on the road? While common bike lights are only designed to be seen from a specific angle, the Fibre Flare light is built for all-angle visibility. And, it can be easily mounted anywhere in your bike or in your bag. Plus, it’s so effective that it has even won the 2009 Eurobike IF award.


To take your safety further to a higher level, you can try the Winkku system, an assembly that incorporates a wide range of lights and mirrors to your vehicle to ensure that you’ll be visible and that other cars on the road will be visible to you as well. So, what do you get with Winkku? Well first, you get a complete range of LED lights that will keep you visible day and night: 5 LED lights in front, 5 at the rear, 3 at the sides, plus front and rear running lights at the outer edge of your bike. Other than lights, you also get a wide-angle mirror that will keep oncoming rear traffic visible to you – no more need to glance behind just to check! Now ain’t these appealing?

Garmin Edge 800 GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer

While street biking is dangerous because of the heavy traffic, mountain biking presents a different set of challenge. It’s fun, yes, but if you’re traversing the wild and you’re not familiar with the area, you need as much directional help as possible. And, Edge 800 aims to provide you with that help. It’s a touchscreen GPS bike computer (the first of its kind) that is helpful at commuting and performance monitoring. Some of the data that it can display are: a map of major roads and cities; a recording of your location, speed, and distance; temperature changes; and many other data. This device will give you an edge in your travels and in your training.

Contour 1300 1080p Contour HD Wearable Helmet Camcorder With Extreme HD 8 GB SD Recording Bundle

Another must-have for all your biking adventures is the Contour 1300 Helmet Camcorder. This camera is actually not just for biking but for many other extreme sports like snowboarding. It promises to capture the action with its 1080p, 960p, and 720p video capability. This device is compact enough for use anywhere, but it’s very tough and durable – guaranteed not to buckle down when used in extreme environments. It also has a goggle mount and flat surface mount that makes installing easy, so you can record videos at once without hassles.

iHome iH85 Bike-to-Beach Speaker System for iPod (Black)

If you’re a lover of music, it’s now easier to bring music to your biking destinations with the iHome iH85! This iPod speaker system is designed for easy mounting and will surely protect your iPod on your biking adventures. The case is made from tough poly-carbonate, so you know your iPod will always be safe. Plus, it comes with a remote control that you can easily mount on the handlebar. And lastly, it’s not only for use on your bike – you can also use it anywhere you go!


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