Top 5 Gadgets to Spice Up Your Parties This Year

It’s 2011 folks! Are you ready to party? Well, let’s take two-oh-one-one partying to a higher level, shall we? And to begin with, let’s take a look at the geekie stuff that we can pick to spice up our celebrations.

Let’s start with music: Bose® SoundDock® Portable digital music system – Gloss Black

Powerful music, portable construction, and stylish design – all these things make the SoundDock a top choice for all your parties, whether indoors or outdoors. It’s ideal for small and big parties alike, thanks to its Proprietary Bose technologies. And wherever you’re having your party, from your school campus to the rooftop of your office building, that’s not a problem with the easy-transit design of the device. It’s also compatible with most iPods and iPhones, so you’ll have no worries! Ready for the next?

Let’s move on to lighting effects: Gioteck Stage Light

To get you and your guests in the mood for party, you simply have to turn on this stage light and your entire room will surely be flooded with colorful circles on the walls and the ceiling. The circles are so defined with the superbright LEDs incorporated into the said light. This is so powerful that it can even get wallflowers into the dance floor once the music begins and the light grooves with the beat. It has a flash sensitivity dial that will allow you to time the response of the light with the kind of music that’s playing.

And now let’s get into the cute stuff: illoom Balloons

If you want to incorporate a unique touch into a rather traditional party element, you can go for these glowing balloons. The magic lies on the LED incorporated into the balloons. All you have to do is to pull the tab found in each balloon before blowing it so that you get cool lighting effects. And mind you, there’s more to these balloons than colors. There are even some with designs like pumpkins or ghosts to give your parties an interesting (or scary) twist. Ready to move on?

Tequila, anyone? Cool Shooter Ice Shot Glasses

Now these are truly interesting and unique party innovations. These are just simple trays that will allow you to make instant ice shot glasses for your party. Each tray can make four shot glasses. Just pour water into the tray, let the water freeze in the fridge, and voila! – you’ll get four instant shot glasses. They’re sure to keep your drinks cool and you’ll have no need to keep track whether there were glasses that were broken – these are disposable. Interesting, right?

Now let’s get moving: Wii Hardware Bundle – White – Video Game Console

If you’re having an intimate family party and you want everyone to get involved in the fun, this is a great idea! Ideal for children and oldies alike, this will make wallflowers and casual observers get up or get off their place and get involved. Besides, what’s a good way to burn those extra calories that you have consumed if not through this one?

Excited yet? Get ready to party and to have fun with the mentioned geekie party innovations!

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