Tobii PCEye – Lets your Eyes Do Computer Works!

Individuals with impaired motor skills yet have higher cognitive abilities must not be deprived of what normal individuals are enjoying. They also have to take pleasure from the conveniences and enjoyment provided by advanced technologies and electronics. Thanks to Tobii PCEye, these individuals now have a way to access and use regular computer programs. This stand-alone eye tracking device can be used in most personal computers. This is easy to use as it is easy to set-up. The best thing about this is, it gives the user absolute control over his computer using only his eyes!

Isn’t that amazing? Tobii PCEye was designed primarily for people who need an alternative way for controlling the computer’s mouse. It is ideal for users with limited motor skills, persons with spinal cord injuries, and those who are suffering from particular neurological disorders. How does this device carry out its task? Well, Tobii PCEye flawlessly converts eye movement to a mouse cursor on your computer. It can be fastened to just about any monitor and takes only a few seconds to calibrate. It can track more than 95% of user, no matter what his or her eye color is and regardless if the user is wearing glasses and contact lenses.

Tobii PCEye works excellently, no matter what the lighting conditions may be. It will not slow down your personal computer nor prevents you from getting heads-up with all the advances in technology. This device is vfery portable so you won’t have any problem if you want to change the position or location of your computer.

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