The Uzi Tactical Defense Pen & DNA Extractor – Simply Cunning but Deadly

Do you live in an accident rich environment? Are you afraid to walk down the streets even during daytime?  All of us might feel the same way when we know danger lurks just outside of our own homes. In fact, we might just end up staying indoors for the rest of our lives.

We all have seen in the movies of great gadgets heroes possess in their fight against crime. Gadgets like these are popular with assassins that are cunning in their craft. How awesome would it be to have one for a change? However, with great power comes great responsibility. We might just end up hurting ourselves rather than doing good.

Currently, there is a new gadget that is simple yet can do a lot of damage with the right use. Nevertheless, don’t be confused of such a small pen with a gun. Yes, you heard it right, a striking pen that is. The Uzi Tactical Defense Pen & DNA Extractor is made from Aircraft Aluminum! It is an incredible self-defense tool as well as a DNA extractor at the other end. No right headed man will surely come against you with this gadget in hand. But really, this is not a joke. The pen writes neatly and perfectly like any other pen. The sharp crown will strike anything it is pointed at. While the DNA extractor flawlessly is the ultimate identification tool there is.

Specifications of the gadget are:

  • Pen with ink cartridge
  • DNA extractor
  • Aluminum built design
  • Striking point tip


Check out the availability of this gadget at Amazon for more details and price.


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