The Ultimate Gadget for Party Lovers

Wish you had all the essentials of a lighter and a bottle opener at once? Something that will surely blow your mind with satisfaction and quality performance can be this new and hot gadget. It will perfectly be a very cool gadget that you can brag to you beer buddies and fellow cigarette fanatics. The best friend you can have on those long nights at the party place. A great eye catching and artistically awesome gadget with all the amenities you need.

The Guinness Tailgater Torch Lighters with Bottle Openers is brought to us by Colibri. This lighter is one sexy gadget that has everything you might need on a party occasion. Lots of girls as well as boys will surely want to hold and take a light from you from sun down to sun up. This might just end up to be one thing that will let you end up with a beautiful girlfriend before you go to bed if you don’t pass out first. Just watch out, you might lose this very cool stuff to those envious people surrounding you. You might want to tie this down to your hands if possible.


This great lighter features:

  • Solid  and sexy Metal Body
  • A very powerful torch flame
  • Butane refillable
  • Double Action
  • Adjustable
  • Guinness labeled
  • Bottle Opener
  • Awesome design and performance
  • Safe with  multitasking capabilities


With every cigarette you smoke and beer you drink, always have in mind, your life is the most important thing in the world. Stay safe and party intelligently with a cool gadget by your side.



Check out more information for the Guinness Tailgater Torch Lighters with Bottle Openers at .




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