The Spy Bolt Covert Hidden Contents Secret Container

Considered as the improved version of the old soviet KGB “dead drop” hollow bolt, that was being used during the Cold war; the Spy Bolt is a useful tool for investigation.

Earlier the spy bolts were used for micro films or encrypted messages only while these days they are being used for day to day safety like that of cash! One can secure his cash money by rolling it and hiding inside the spy bolt. This safety feature is of great advantage for anytime use.

Characterized by an O-ring seal, it provides a shielded storage from extreme weather conditions. As is known, that weather can cause several damages to the metal if left open without cover. That’s why one can store small valuables and communication gadgets with the help of these spy gadgets. On upper portion of the belt, known as bolt head, the reverse threading provides “the additional security” to the Spy Bolt.

With a larger circumference and storage area, the diameter of the Spy Bolt is appreciably measured as ¾”. Not only this, the spy bolt is equipped with a secret compartment for storage that has the following dimensions:

Diameter: .49”

Depth: 2.7”

Overall length of spy bolt: 3.43”

These spy bolts are light weight (3.2 ounces) and thus can be easily carried. With a utility of security, safety and large storage customers consider the product buying in large numbers these days. The details of the product are available at Amazon. Click here to know more.


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