The Saint Season 5, Ep. 23 “The Gadget Lovers”

Are you fond of watching detective, sci-fi and spy-action videos?

Most of us grow up seeing the thriller and intelligent movies that spellbound our curiosity till the climax. For those who love to watch the similar genre videos or movies have received a treat from the Amazon best seller videos. This video known as The Saint Season 5, Ep. 23 “The Gadget Lovers” is a 49 minutes episode in continuation to a series of videos.

The star cast involves Roger Moore and Mary Peach who are involved in finding the source of some mysterious gadgets. These gadgets are inexplicably killing the spy population of the world. Mary Peach plays the role of a beautiful soviet spy who is being aided by Simon in this task of spotting the gadgets. They cheat death in several threatening incidences where they encounter assassination attempts unscrupulously. The viewer is enthralled by the savior attempts of Simon towards Mary Peach in the plots of the movie. With a good package of instant action and class acting, there is a promising fascination between the audience and the screen, till the movie ends!

The film is directed by Jim O’Connolly and networked by ITV Global Entertainment Ltd. The video comes as a part of ‘The Saint Series’ where all the episodes have been aired since the year 1966. Some other popular episodes of this series are ‘the Queen’s Ransom’, ‘The Russian Prisoner’, ‘The Angel’s Eye’, ’Escape Route’, ‘The Death Game’, ‘The Fast Women’ etc.

“The Gadget Lovers” is available at Amazon with free preview for the buyers. For more information about the video and other episodes, click here.


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