The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock to Awaken Sleepers

Just yesterday, we featured here at Geekie some sleeping aids like the LightSleeper and the Sound Asleep Pillow that you can use if you are struggling to sleep at night. Today, we’re going to feature the opposite. If your dilemma is not about going to sleep but waking up each morning, then what you need is The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock.

But guess what, this cool gadget is very different from your typical alarm clock. Instead of the usual bell sound or ring sound, this one uses gradually increasing light, stimulating aromas, and peaceful nature sounds to awaken sleepers like you.

Your old alarm clock gives off a jarring sound when the set time strikes, right. This one does not. What it does instead is that its light begins to glow softly 30 minutes before wake-up time and this brightens over the next half hour. Not only that, faint aromatherapy scents are also released into the air by this clock to stimulate your olfactory senses. Isn’t this amazing? But that’s not all! Fifteen minutes before your set wake-up time, this will generate the soft nature sound that you have chosen earlier. Whether it’s an ocean surf sound or a songbird sound, this will sure make your mornings a lot more relaxing to wake up into.

So what do you think about this product? For sure, you can’t wait to get hold of this item. Then, check The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock here and experience the difference it’ll make to your mornings!

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