The Oscillating Table Tennis Trainer – Who Says You Can’t Train Alone?

Playing table tennis is fun. And it’s doubly fun if you play it with friends or even family members. But what if no one is available to play with you? Or if you are supposedly preparing for a tournament yet there are times that you have no one to practice with? You can’t go on waiting for someone to show up so you can continue with your training or playing spree. What you need is a training buddy that will be available to play and train with you 24/7. Enter The Oscillating Table Tennis Trainer.

If you’ve already seen a tennis ball machine, you’ll have more or less an idea what this tennis trainer does. It is actually an automatic trainer that serves a steady stream of balls for your practice and fun play. To choose your desired direction for forehand and backhand practice, simply use the tethered remote controls. Meanwhile, there are three spin settings that you can select such as backspin, topspin, and heavy topspin. So if you wish to practice more on your backspin where the ball rotates away from the receiving player requiring a chopping stroke to return, you can always do so. But if it’s a challenging heavy topspin that you need to master where in high rpm rotation is required to be returned with a controlled downward stroke, you better set the trainer prior to playing.

There are about 110 balls used with this trainer and you can very much control their speed by using the remote’s adjustable speed dial. So who says you can’t train alone? Get The Oscillating Table Tennis Trainer here now!

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