The Decisive Recon Specialist – ReconRobotics Throwbot

Due to the serious problems families and individuals have each day people sometimes turn to violence just to make some money to survive. One serious problem that makes headlines in the news today is piracy. Piracy started a long time ago which today became more and more violent and deadly. There are a ton of different places and demands that these pirates ask from their captives nowadays. Yet nothing is concretely done to stop or even prevent hi-jacking and piracy today.

As billions of dollars are lost to piracy, the battle against these pirates intensifies day by day. In the fight against piracy, one robot might give balance and change the course of this serious problem. However, questions are asked if robots could be the answer against piracy? The answer might be yes. The introduction of the ReconRobotics “Throwbot” with the special participation of the Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific, missions against piracy could be more positively completed. The Throwbot is a surveillance robot that is launched for recon missions used by military and law enforcement units.

The development of this robotic device plays an important role used to spy on pirates. Not only can it see in daylight but also useful during the night for its infrared optics visual mode. The concept of the Throwbot is pretty smart, all it needs more are the arms, two legs, and a pistol to look livelier like Robocop. That would be the coolest thing ever to help fight against crime and more especially piracy.


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