The Carrera 1:14 RC SUV – Fast and Furious Experience

Are you fast and furious? Are you an action junkie with a hobby of RC toys? This might just be one toy that could make your year a blast. Nothing beats fun and recreation better than just having a blast outdoors or even indoors with your family. Something to keep your mind going and feeling the blood rush through your veins playing this new RC toy really takes the laziness away.

The Carrera 1:14 RC SUV w/ Water Gun is rated as one of the best buy deals today. Unlike any other RC out there, this new toy burns out rubber with a combination of water power. Need to attack something or someone? This is surely the weapon you would likely do the job right. Jump heights, climbs steep slopes and even throw dirt around is possible with this toy. Having said that, the water gun squirts a rush of water up to 6 meters which will definitely soak your target wet is also possible with the Carrera RC SUV.

Some features of the Carrera 1:14 RC SUV:

  • Water gun shooter
  • Remote control, easy use joystick
  • Xenon RC headlights
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Quick turn gear box
  • Fast charging (1hour)
  • 40 minute running time

What’s not to love about this great toy? The Carrera RC SUV is definitely one thing that could make you or your child very happy with. So purchase one now, enjoy and have a blast. Visit Amazon and check out more details about the Carrera RC SUC with water gun.


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