Telikin – An Easier and Simpler to use Computer for the Elderly and Whole Family

Though computer massively makes life easier, some may find it complicated to operate. This is true to elderly, seniors, and youngsters. But with the new Telikin, break free from the stress and hassle of setting up a traditional computer. The Telikin is guaranteed ready to use out of the box without the need to install software or drivers. Simply connect it to the internet service provider and start to experience the fun of using Telikin. It uses Telikin’s proprietary software suite that is designed to be simple to use and stress-free. It doesn’t require installation of any third party software so as not to have viruses and crashes issues as well as eliminate complexity in using the Telikin. On the other hand, to experience excitement of the easy-to-use Telikin, it supports commonly used applications like email and photo sharing, weather updates, appointment tracking, web browsing and video chats.

The Telikin comes in two different packages, one is the Telikin Touch and the other is Telikin Elite. Both share the same intuitive interface, ease of use, worry-free benefits and other technical features like 1.3MP webcam with microphone, 4 USB ports, 6 in 1 memory card reader, wireless 802.11 b/g/n, built-in speakers, wired keyboard and mouse. The main differences include screen size (Touch 18”, Elite 20”), hard drive (Touch 320GB 2GB SDRAM, Elite 500Gb 3.5 SATA II 2GB DDR3 Memory), and HDMI out for Elite. The Telikin Touch is offered in clean, neutral white while the Telikin Elite comes in sleek, stylish black.

With the Telikin’s all-in-one and stunning design, simplicity, and worry-free operation, it will surely meet the requirement of not so tech-savvy, elderly and even the whole family aiming to use computer and internet in simpler way. Go get a Telikin here now!

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