TDK Sound Cube – 360° of Party-Starting Audio

We’ve featured a lot of speakers here at Geekie Gadgets – big or small, for outdoor or indoor use, and in a variety of shapes and designs. But for sure, you haven’t seen one that is cube-shaped and that each cube’s vertical side has its own speaker. So today, we would like to introduce to you an stunning boombox that is designed by TDK, seasoned veterans of sound. Not wanting to create the same old audio cassette, they instead focused on launching a product that can provide you 360degrees of party-starting audio. So yes gadget geeks, let’s all give it up for the TDK Sound Cube!

Designed as a powerful multidirectional sound system, this cube-shaped gadget includes two active and two passive speakers in all its sides, so whatever direction you want it to be, you get full range sound even at such a small package. It also consists of four separate sound ports, so you can plug in your cool gadgets such as your iPod, iPhone, and even your electric guitar. And what’s even more exciting about this is that it can also be used as a dock and charging station, giving your gadget a place to sit and juice up while letting you enjoy really cool and loud music at the same time. How cool is that? Plus, just look at that compact design and leather handle, and for sure you will never think twice about taking it wherever you go.

Pre-order the TDK Sound Cube here now!

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