Talk, Share, and Communicate in HD Using Warpia ConnectHD – SWP400VC

Are you tired of crowding over a regular webcam so that you can all be seen by the person on the other end of a video call? Are you still squinting your eyes to focus on the objects being displayed on your measly screen? Huddle, crowd, and don’t stress your eyes anymore with the new ConnectHD – SWP400VC. This webcam and streaming gadget will allow you to make video calls comfortably on your living room without having to hoard everyone together.

The ConnectHD, with its hi-tech wide-angle 720p wireless webcam and omni-directional microphone, can capture everyone on the scene in high definition for hassle free and crystal clear business video conferences or online family reunions. This device can also stream digital contents from a PC or laptop wirelessly to a supported HDTV on the same room within the range of 30 feet. Now, you are no longer limited to viewing your multimedia files and video calls in a limited space, with the ConnectHD – SWP400VC you can practically stream everything that you can see on your laptop or PC screen to a larger HDTV for everyone to see. These include movies, games, and pictures. Additionally, with the use of popular video conferencing software such as Skype or MSN Messenger, you can also easily broadcast the entire conference room or living room to your colleagues or family.

The whole ConnectHD – SWP400VC package includes:

• Wireless USB PC Adapter
• Display Base including wireless webcam with HDMI connection to TV
• Multidirectional microphone
• HDMI cable
• Power Supply Unit
• Quick Start Guide
• CD with software, drivers and user manual

Get the Warpia SWP400VC here!

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