Table Clock or Camera: Spy Ear Bug Voice Recorder gets

Many a times in life situations arise when wee need to be extra cautions for the safety of our loved ones, the home and the office. During such circumstances, the biggest requirement is to spot what the activities of people in the concerned area. For such surveillance purposes generally the CCTV cameras are put in use, but one can easily find their positions. Thus, it is required that some advanced and high quality gadget be used that can perform its task well and doesn’t even give a hint of its presence.

4G8G Spy Ear Bug Voice Recorder comes in the form of a round the table clock device. This camcorder helps in recording the files in AVI format that can be recorded, transferred and saved for further use in PC or other device. Whenever the doubt situation arises one can just start this recorder that is in the form of table clock.

This is a complete spying gadget with all the essentials such as high quality picture and sound recording, access with remote control and the functions of a regular round table clock. The gadget is beautiful and looks suitable as a round table clock for checking time purpose.

The recording ability is defined with 720 x 480 up to 30 frames every second. The audio comes as a stereo device. The pictures have an adapted capability of 1280 x 960 in JPEG format. Thus, with high quotients of clarity and capability, this is a must have spying gadget for ‘difficult’ occasions. For more details on 4G8G Spy Ear Bug Voice Recorder USB Flash Drive Gadgets, click here.


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