Swivl – Taking your Video Capture Experience to a New Level

So, how do you capture yourself on video using your mobile device such as your iPhone? Hmmm…I can imagine you holding that mobile gadget of yours while keeping your hand steady so you’ll remain in the camera field of view. That can be a little tiring, right? So, I guess, you let someone hold the gadget for you instead and record the video. Well, the second option is of course more convenient, but what if nobody’s available to hold it? You are left with no choice but to go back to the first option. Or how about considering this new gadget accessory that we’ll feature here today at Geekie? We call it Swivl.

Swivl is designed basically as a sensor enabled and motorized base for your mobile video device with a paired marker. It’s main function is to remove the challenge of holding the device yourself while capturing the video, so you can focus on what you want to say or do in your video recording. So, how do you use it? Well, first you need to dock your mobile device on it, let’s say your iPhone. Then, get the paired marker and hold it like a remote control, or wear it and forget it. Now, wait and see how the Swivl “follows you” and keeps you in the camera field of view. It’s really amazing, thanks to its sensor connection that allows the base to follow your action and video yourself without so much fuss!

So, are you looking forward to owning this gadget accessory? Check out more iPhone holders here.

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