Swissvoice ePure Wireless Telephone – The New Telephone Icon

When you get to see the new Swissvoice ePure Telephone for the first time, you’ll get the feeling that what you’re staring is vaguely new and distinctly familiar at the same time. Well, it should because the ePure telephone closely resembles the old telephone icon with one big difference – there’s nothing old about this latest communication gadget from Swissvoice. Aside from the nice blend of futuristic and classic symbolic design, Swissvoice ePure comes with the practical convenience of a classic handset. It’s wireless design and familiar shape allows you to press it comfortably against your shoulder when taking your call with you around the house. The similarity between ePure and “Ye Olde” telephone ends on their shape and iconic design, for the former comes with 1.4-inch backlit dot matrix display and hands free operation. Swissvoice also loaded the ePure with all the trappings of a modern phone including: clock and alarm, appointments and reminders, adjustable ring and loudspeaker volume, 10 Hi-Fi ring tones, keypad lock, and accepts call upon receiver pick up.

This unique telephone is not limited to one per household, the ePure can be set to 5 handsets and 4 base with each handset having their own personalized assigned names. The phone allows internal and external call transfers and supports phone conferences. One of its most useful features is that you can locate with paging – no more scrimmaging around the house for a missing or misplace handset.

For call management, this phone can store up 100 names, display caller number, name, and call duration, and save the last 10 phone numbers used. For network access, the ePure digital wireless telephone uses an analogue network and supports DTMF or pulse dialing.

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