Swann Freestyle HD 1080p High Definition Wearable Video Camera with LCD Viewer

Just a couple of days ago, we featured here at Geekie a reliable action camera that you’ll actually find more convenient using when capturing extreme videos and photo. And today is no different; we will actually feature here another action camera, only this time it has an added feature where in you can instantly view the recorded action, so you’ll know if you captured that spectacular skateboard wipeout or not. Introducing the Freestyle HD 1080p High Definition Wearable Video Camera with LCD Viewer from Swann!

This product from Swann can actually be worn on the body or mounted on various surfaces, so you can capture the action from start to finish. Stick it on your helmet, mount it on your bike or car, or hide it under your skateboard, and you’re off to recording the wildest stunt of your life. Whether you simply want to snap a JPEG image with its 8MP camera or capture 1080p video with up to 3x digital zoom, this gadget will certainly not let you down. Now, once you’ve captured that shot or video recording, view it an instant via the detachable 1.5-inch LCD screen. Want to show your stunt to your friends and loved ones? Then, easily connect it on an HDTV via an HDMI cable or transfer it to the computer via a MicroSD card or the included USB cable.

So, on your next adventure, make sure to have this wearable video camera with LCD viewer from Swann. Or better yet, check out these other sports camera options at Geekie Store.

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