Super Gear Telescope Provides 6x Zoom for iPad 2 Camera

Every gadget has its limitation. Good thing there are separate enhancements for low-grade functions of a lot of devices. One known case is the camera lens of iPhones, smartphones and iPads. Obviously, these devices are not created for absolute photography therefore have their viewing limitations. For iPad 2 users that want to improve the camera’s distant view, there’s the new Brando Super Gear telescope.

The Super Gear Telescope is like the previous version telescope for iPhone but made better. The Super Gear model is designed for iPad 2 that provides 6 times camera zoom. This overcomes the limitation of the camera when you want to take some shots from long range view. In terms of image quality, it is engineered to effectively capture photographs with higher visual acuteness, superior color quality, and excellent wide angle. To use, simply attach the back cover together with the telescope. Then adjust the clear focus with your naked eyes. With this, you can enjoy taking clearer images and nearer views from long distance perfect when you are on the roof top, in a higher building, or in any distant spot.

The iPad 2 telescope is priced at US$26.00. Complete package includes the telescope and plastic back case with adapter. If you are fond of taking pictures and want to capture a wider view of interesting scenes around you, the Super Gear telescope is one good add-on for your iPad 2.

Purchase your own here.

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