Stop Water Leak Fast with Flood Detective Water Leak Sensor and Alarm

One of the most common problems that households encounter is water leak, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, garden, and sink. And it can be very frustrating if you don’t detect it easily, especially if your work eats up most of your time, neglecting this supposedly easy-to-handle problem. Good thing there is now a gadget that allows you to stop water leak fast. Although it’s not designed to stop the leak for you, but it does help in one way or another stop it real quick because it will definitely call your attention if water leak has started. Introducing the Flood Detective Water Leak Sensor and Alarm!

This water leak alarm is designed mainly to alert you to leaks in their earliest stages. Sounding a 92 db alarm, this will call your attention at once that leak has started, therefore you must attend to it immediately before it even gets worse. Use it to monitor different areas of your home such as dishwashers, bathrooms, washing machines, refrigerators with ice makers, leaky roofs, hot water heaters, basements, and attics. Thanks to its modular design, allowing one alarm unit to monitor multiple sensors that can easily be chained together for easy monitoring. Plus, each sensor has an adhesive backing, so you’re guaranteed that it is firmly attached and in optimum orientation to detect water.

So say goodbye to water leaks. Install this easy-to-use water leak alarm in your home today. It’s AC powered with battery backup so you can rely on it for extended period. Get the Flood Detective Water Leak Sensor and Alarm here now!

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