SteriShoe – Cleaner Shoes and Even Happier Feet

Chances are, unless you’re hobbit from Middle-earth that travels on furry feet and leathery soles, you’re familiar with the common shoes. Did you know that your oftentimes smelly foot wear can also serve as a Petri dish for all kinds of germs and fungi? Since the human foot has thousands upon thousands of sweat glands and surprisingly produces about 8 ounces of sweat, your dark and damp shoes become a perfect haven for different micro-organisms. Well it doesn’t necessarily need to be so especially when there’s the new SteriShoe Ultraviolet shoe sanitizer. This device uses germ killing UVC light to safely and efficiently kill more than 99.99 percent of disease-causing germs including those responsible for athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and that nasty shoe stench. The UVC light is a very powerful germicide; to protect users from direct exposure to the sterilizing light comes with a couple safety features. There’s the compression sensor that requires the device to be inserted and slightly compressed inside a shoe or else it would shut the UVC light off. Another safety feature is the ambient light sensor that allows only the light to turn on a dark environment. For open-toe shoes and sandals, the SteriShoe comes with its own two shoe bags that provide the necessary dark environment the shoe cleaning gadget needs to work on.

The SteriShoe’s patented easy, safe, handy, chemical and drug-free design is even acknowledged and accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This shoe sanitizing device is simple and easy to use. Just insert the SteriShoe into an empty shoe like a shoe tree and press a button to initiate the 45-minute treatment process. Yes, it only takes 45 minutes to turn your shoe into a 99.9-percent germ-free footwear.

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