Star Wars Chop Sabers – Another Great Star Wars Collectibles

To all Star Wars fans out there: if you’ve long been searching for another great Star Wars collectibles, you need not search further because here are new gadget gifts for you called the Star Wars Chop Sabers.

Combining the Star Wars lightsabers with a touch of Japanese culture, these Chop Savers will make a great addition to your growing Star Wars collectibles. For sure, your collection already includes various Star Wars action figures, toys, shirts, books, comics, and Darth Vader head phones, lightsaber laser pointer, trading cards, RC Millennium Falcon, Voice Activated R2-D2, and even Life Sized Darth Vader Bust. So for a change, why not add these really cool and unique Chop Sabers? Choose from a wide array of colors like red, green, blue, and purple. Or better yet, grab all colors available for these Star Wars collectibles.

But aside from being great collectibles, these Star Wars Chop Sabers are also perfect for eating sushi and other Japanese foods. Although they are a bit hard to use as the tips are slippery, they can also be very easy to clean.

The Star Wars Chop Sabers measure 9″ long, with the blades cast in translucent material. And if you’re thinking about giving them to little ones, you can always choose the smaller “children’s size” Yoda lightsaber which measures approximately 7″ long. Star Wars fans will definitely love receiving these Chop Sabers for a gift since each set includes translucent Star Wars logo chopstick rests.

Want to have these items either for yourself or to be given as gifts? Order the Star Wars Chop Sabers here.

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