Spy Gadget Listening Device – Ear Spy Directional Microphone Amplifier

Though spying is not a hobby but collecting spying gadgets can be! Many people are just fond of increasing their collection of the modern spying gadgets and showing it to their friends and relatives. If you are a spying gadget freak too, then we introduce you to a new device known as Spy Gadget Listening Device– Ear Spy Directional Microphone Amplifier.

This is a small and handy device that can be fitted over the ear just similar to a Bluetooth headset. Now the device functions with a tiny amplifier inside it that increases the level of surrounding sound. The clarity of the sound increases to a multi level stage where even a whisper can be heard clearly. The sound from the external environment flows across the ear piece and reaches the ears of listener.

The uses of this smart gadget can be described in various roles. If you are attending a corporate meet and want to know about the competitor’s whispers then this device can definitely make you aware of their secret plans pertaining to an ongoing deal. Also, this is a fun device that can be gifted to your friends on the occasion of their birthday or other occasions. While attending lectures in a class, it would be great to hear what your friends are talking and then telling them about it. This will not only leave them surprised but will also lift up your image in the friend circle.

If you want to know in detail about Spy Gadget Listening Device – Ear Spy Directional Microphone Amplifier, click here.


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