Spot on Illumination with Mantis LED Desk Lamp

Having the main light turned on in the office, in your room, or even at your house while simultaneously working on your PC or laptop is a common set-up. But having your personal illumination on your workspace is a fine set-up too. Aside from having better lighting condition on your desk, you let others around you remain undisturbed by bright lights especially when you are in a shared room. All you need to have is a trusty lamp that can brighten your workstation like the new Mantis LED desk lamp.

The Mantis LED desk lamp can be clipped to a lot of things including monitor, laptop, shelf or anywhere that you can attach it to. It helps illuminate your keyboard or computer through 11 bright LEDs with either low or high light setting without the extra heat of the lamp. The 2.5-inch Mantis LED lamp can be easily clipped while allowing the light to rotate so you can adjust the angle of illumination. As the name of the lamp suggests, the Mantis LED lamp looks like mantis since you can flip-out its legs if you want it freestanding. It is powered by 2 AA batteries that can provide about 30 hours of light. To save battery life, the lamp automatically turns off after 2 hours.

Unlike other lamps that are bulky enough to bring, the Mantis LED lamp just measures 9.5″ width x 1.25″ depth x 1.25″ height while the clip is 2.5″ width x 1.5″ depth x 2.5″ height; very easy to bring it with you on the road. Get your own lamp here!

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