SPI BELT: Hold What You Can’t Carry

A great accessory for runners and sportspersons, SPI belts have found their needs in the modern time. People prefer to wear them while workout sessions, bike rides, going for trips etc.

SPI belts are efficient in holding the personal items while our hands are occupied in other tasks. Their holding competence is great for small ‘necessary’ items such as mobile phones; credit-debit cards, ATM, personal business cards, driving license; sun glasses; walkman etc.

This belt features an expandable blend pouch that can even be expanded to hold the other items such as keys, ID, iPod/MP3 player, money etc.  The specialty of these belts is that it doesn’t shift or bounce with any activity. Thus the user can keep his ‘personal items’ intact at the right place for a longer time without hassles.

Another problem that often bothers many people is related to the outer appearance due to wearing any pouch or bags. With the use of SPI belts this problem is itself sidelined as they can be worn discretely under the clothing. Moreover the sizes are also standardized in a manner that it can be adjusted for normal fittings. One size can fit all that is generally 12X1 inches.

Such belts are technically the best option for the cyclists or bikers who find it difficult to manage their personal items while driving. The belt has found it multi usage with the women who are a mother and need to hold their kids while even visiting a shopping mall! For more information on the SPI belt, click here.


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