Speedlink MYST Wireless Touch Scroll Mouse – Never Run Out of Space Again

The computer mouse is no doubt one of the most important computer accessories any computer user should have. In fact, it would be almost impossible to use certain programs with ease and convenience without this device. That is why, if you will notice, this one has also evolved, from the mechanical or ball mouse up to the optical mouse, and now the wireless touch scroll mouse. From these types, what are you currently using? If you’re still relying on that ball mouse of yours, then it’s high time you try this Speedlink MYST Wireless Touch Scroll Mouse.

Combining the functionality of a compact wireless mouse with the convenience of Mac-like touch sensitivity, the Speedlink MYST Wireless Touch Scroll Mouse is the perfect match for laptops or desktops that occupy very limited space. By simply stroking its sleek surface, you can already access certain programs of your PC or laptop and even scroll through files and website pages. Thanks to its high precision sensors! Now, all you need to do is tap to engage the middle wheel function and then stroke to direct the cursor to wherever you want. This is truly revolutionary! If you’ve seen or used the Speedlink CUE before, well more or less you already have an idea as to how this one functions.

So why run out of space using that old ball or optical mouse? Say goodbye to it and say hello to this revolutionary device – the Speedlink MYST Wireless Touch Scroll Mouse. Try it for yourself to see the difference!

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