Sony VAIO Z Series – Notebook Plus Booster Pack

Remember how cool Optimus Prime was when he was all geared up and flying around Chicago battling the Cybertronian driller in Transformers 3? Well, jet pack and power pack seems to be all the rage among the machines these days and Sony’s very own VAIO series gets to have fun with its “power pack” too. If the other bots are envious of Optimus Prime and his ultimate armour jet wing then other notebooks will be envious of the new Sony VAIO Z Series ultra light notebook with Power Media Dock. The new VAIO Z Series weighs less 1.2 kg and just about 16.64 mm thin, just the perfect dimension for those who wants maximum portability out of their notebook. Although the notebook features an ultra slim full-flat body, it’s far from flimsy for this notebook is encased in durable carbon fibre. The Z Series’ 13.1-inch 1600×900 screen does not only come with HD resolution but an anti-reflective coating as well to cut glare.

Inside the Sony VAIO Z Series lie a powerful standard voltage Intel Core i7 processor and an ultra-fast DDR3 memory. For an even faster performance, it uses a 256GB SSD RAID storage and has Quick Boot technology for up to 50 percent loading times of Windows 7 Professional. The Z Series can operate non-stop up to 14 hours thanks to its dual sheet technology. The internal lithium polymer battery can power the notebook for 7 hours; an optional secondary sheet of battery can instantly add another 7 hours without turning off the unit. The removable battery can then be charged while the primary one is in used for continuous usage.

The new Sony Power Media Dock is the Series Z’s jet pack – it’s an expansion module that connects to the notebook using an optical cable. Using a high-speed I/O data transfer based on Light Peak architecture, the Power Media Dock can enhance the graphical performance of the Z series and add a host of connectivity options while at it. The dock is powered by an AMD Radeon HD GPU with 1GB VRAM.

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