Sonic Boom Extra Loud Alarm Clock – You’ll Surely Wake Up

Perhaps, you had a great party blast last night that’s why you ended up one hour late for work. Well, what can you expect but an incident report for tardiness? So the next time you party ’til dawn or simply stayed up so late at night, make sure that you set your alarm clock before dozing off. But if you’re over exhausted or stressed and you think your current alarm clock’s sound won’t budge in the morning, then better switch to this Sonic Boom Extra Loud Alarm Clock.

So, what’s the advantage of this Sonic Boom over your old alarm clock? Well, aside from being designed with extra-loud beepers, this also features startling bed-quaking vibrators that will surely wake you up. So whether you were too exhausted the night before or got really drunk from the party, no worries because you’d still wake up on time with this highly reliable gadget. Now, if you want to choose the effective alarm for you, simply use the variable tone and volume controls to set it. You also have the option to choose whether or not you’ll need the bed shaker or place it anywhere because it is detachable.

Sleep soundly yet still wake up on time with this Sonic Boom. Place it under your pillow or mattress and the vibrations will sure rock your world, making you get off the bed at once. So don’t be late for work anymore. Get yourself a Sonic Boom Extra Loud Alarm Clock here now!

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