Solar Power House – Enhance Your Kid’s Creativity

As early as 5 years old, you can already see what interests your kids the most. Whether it’s playing his toy piano, drawing his favorite cartoon characters, or singing almost all the nursery rhymes he knows, you can already tell what he will pursue when he grows older. And so, what do you do next? Of course, as parent or guardian, the best thing that you can do is to hone such skill and enhance his creativity more. Say, your kid shows interest in building houses or in circuits and power generation, what will you give him then? Well, here’s one – the Solar Power House!

The Solar Power House is a replica of a real solar power house, so designed to develop kids’ creativity in building an eco-conscious house and increase their awareness on being environment-friendly at the same time. It comes complete with a LED sign, door sound, windmill, and musical sounds. And as the name implies, all these are powered only by sunlight. But your kid can very much explore this toy by disconnecting the solar panel if he wants to use battery instead.

The Solar Power House is a fun and exciting project that you can give to your kid in his next birthday. Not only it’s challenging to build, but it’s also entertaining and rewarding for your smart little kiddo. So develop your child’s skills and enhance his creativity more with the Solar Power House. Give this as a gadget gift and you’ll surely see the glow on his eyes when he opens it.


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