Solar Clock – Never Replace a Battery Again

Admit it or not, sometimes you leave your wall clock not working simply because you’re too lazy changing its old battery. And every time you see it that way, that’s the only time you remember to buy a new set of batteries. But often times, you get to change it still a couple of days even weeks after. If this is your dilemma every time your wall clock runs out of battery, then you might as well consider getting the Solar Clock. This, for sure, will eliminate the hassle of changing batteries from time to time.

Although this type of clock is not as stylishly designed as the others, still you’d find this a lot more convenient to use especially if your home has a well-lit wall that gets a daily dose of sunlight. Simply hang it on a wall that is well-exposed to sunlight and it will keep running until sunset. It also includes a rechargeable back-up battery so once the sun goes down, this eco-friendly gadget will keep on running until the sun comes out again. Cool, right? Now, you don’t have to put off replacing a dead wall clock battery again. With this green gadget, you will always have a working wall clock, day in and day out.

But aside from being convenient and eco-friendly, this type of clock is effective at enhancing your home’s look too. Yes, the design may be really simple, but its unique look will certainly make your home more distinctive than ever.

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