Smell the Internet with Olly

Smell-o-vision might still be far from horizon but smell-o-internet is here. Now, you can take a whiff of the internet with the new Olly. Instead of relying on visual and audio cues, you can now also receive olfactory alerts with the help of this device. Olly, the web connected smelly robot delivers pings from the internet as a smell. It produces scent every time there is a tweet, a like on the Instagram and even when you are running late on your appointment. You can fill any smell you like in its removable part at the back allowing you to fill and assign corresponding scent to every Internet service. You can put essential oils, your favorite perfume, a drop of gin, a slice of fruit and anything you think suits the specific service. Olly is stackable thus it changes smell when you connect one to Twitter and another to your calendar event.

Not just delivering smell, Olly is also fully customizable so you can make the robot look the way you want to. You can change its form or alter the dot pattern in front. The 3D models are fully editable and are free, letting you print Olly out. In addition, all its parts, code and instructions are totally accessible and open.

Get to know more about Olly here.

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