Smart String Tape Measure – The Tape Measure Without a Tape

When buying stuff such as clothes, furniture and frames, you often wish you have a tape measure with you so you can easily measure whether the stuff you’ll get is the right fit or not. Take for example when buying clothes. Sometimes the line to the fitting room is such an inconvenience, so you end up not buying the item because you are not sure if it will fit or not. If only you have this Smart String Tape Measure, you won’t have to go through this inconvenience just to see if the clothes you’re going to buy has the right measurements.

The Smart String Tape Measure is a very handy gadget that allows you to measure anything from clothes, furniture, frames, and any other object, whether it is round, square, or of any shape. So, why is it called “the tape measure without a tape”? Well, just look at the image and you can easily tell why. Notice how it uses a string instead of a tape, providing you more flexibility since string can easily bend around curved objects and even weird shapes. Not only that, the said string has a test strength of over 20 pounds, so you can expect it to last for a longer period.

But aside from the flexibility that its string offers, this gadget has another feature that will sure provide you with added convenience – and that is its almost-similar-to-pocket-calculator look. You don’t have to figure out the measurement yourself because it will be displayed right on the screen. After reading the measurement, simply press that button to store it and pop over to calculator mode to start calculating. So much convenience, right?

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