Slap-on Watches – Nice and Easy

Nice and easy – so true for these really cool Slap-on Watches. They are elegantly designed so if you wear one, you’ll never be ashamed to show it off to your friends. Just look at that Slap-on Watch image and you’ll sure go gaga over the beautifully crafted design which is complemented by a subtle watch face. Plus, it comes in a variety of funky colors – pink, blue, black, white, green, and orange. So if you really want to look pretty in pink, then match that pink-colored shirt of yours with the pink Slap-on Watch. But if you want something that can match any color of your outfit, you can always rely on the simple white design Slap-on.

Now, let’s combine these nice looks with ease-of-use. As the name suggests, this Slap-on Watch requires you to just slap it on your wrist to put it on. Oh, this would just be the perfect gift for my friend Liz! She’s not really into wearing wrist watch. Her reason? It’s a waste of time and effort. Well, call her weird, but that’s her thing. But once she sees how easy it is to wear one of these Slap-On Watches, for sure she’ll not think twice about wearing wrist watches again. With the Slap-on Watch, she’ll never fumble with buckles or struggle to wrestle it off her arm before bed because all she needs to do is to slap it on, and the strap will bend around her wrist without the fuss.

Interested too to get this item? Check the Slap-on watches here!

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