Skross World Twin USB Charger – Your Perfect Out-of-Country Adapter

So, what’s the most common problem that you experience when you are in an out-of-country trip? Is it your accommodation, your budget, or your itinerary? Guess not, because for sure you’ll never travel unprepared, right? How about foods? I don’t think that’s a problem either because trying a different delicacy is what makes an out-of-country trip more exciting. How about this: you brought all your beloved cool gadgets such as your laptop, mobile phone, MP3 player, and camera, only to find out that you could not charge them simply because their adapters could not fit the plug socket of that country? That would be so frustrating! So have you encountered this problem before? If yes, then make sure you have this Skross World Twin USB Charger on your next out-of-country trip.

Unlike the typical USB charger, this geek gadget accessory allows you to charge your USB gadgets all over the world, up to 150 countries to be exact. Thanks to its patented sliding mechanism that is designed to fit plug sockets of other countries. All you need to do is pop out the combination of pins that you need and then retract the ones that you don’t into the unit’s body. Once done, you can start charging up to two USB gadgets at the same time.

So, no need to fret about buying a new adapter just to juice up your gadgets such as your MP3 player and laptops when you are out of the country. Place your Skross World Twin USB Charger order now!

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