Skatecycle – If Tron Made Skateboards

Looking for a not-so-usual form of recreational activity? Why not try Freerider Skatecycle? This is a self-propelled hubless skate that users can use for deep carving. Yes, it can ride on flat ground or tackle just about any skatepark. What make it easier for this device to prevail over those objects that may come in your way are the nine inch wheels that are really durable. It weighs only about 7.3 lbs and it folds effortlessly so it will be easy for you to bring anywhere. In fact, you can sit it over your shoulders, making your hands free when you walk.

The Freerider Skatecycle takes pride in bagging the Winner of a Bronze 2010 IDEA Award. Today, it is also a part of the permanent collection at the Henry Ford Museum. You shouldn”t think you can’t do it because anyone who rides a snowboard, skateboard, or casterboard will also be capable of picking up the challenge of the Skatecycle and propel yourself along the flats. This is the world’s first self-propelled hubless skate and all you need is to slot your feet into the space where the hubs should be and presto! You can now carve down a hill or weave along the flat. While its set up seems clever, it allows you to propel yourself along!

It can be a bit difficult to master, but the moment you’ve got the hang of it, it will sure provide you with a fun and amazing experience. Among its great features are:

* Self-propelled hubless skate
* Ride hills or on the flat
* Folds for easy transport
* Two slip-resistant footboards inside the wheels
* Perfect for the street or skate parks!

Interested? Click here and pre-order the Skatecycle now!

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