Sit Back & Relax – Spiderpodium Will Hold your Gadget For You

Holding your cool gadgets such as your iPhone and E-reader when watching movie or reading is not such a big deal, that is if watching or reading won’t take too long. But if it will take an hour or so, then that could be a little tiring and frustrating, and perhaps you’d wish there’s a stand that you can use for these gadgets. There are actually lots of gadget accessories available for this purpose. However, if you want something unique and creepy looking at the same time, then you’d be interested in the Spiderpodium.

As the name suggests, the Spiderpodium is designed with eight flexible legs that can accommodate handheld gadgets such as iPhones, satnavs, digital cameras, and e-readers. It actually works like a typical gadget stand, only that it’s more flexible since it can position your device to any angle you want. Whether you want your gadget on top of your desk, on your car’s dashboard, on the headrest, handlebar, or even on your baby’s stroller, you can sure rely on this eight-legged freak, I mean device to hold your gadget firmly in place.

So who said you have no choice but to tire yourself holding your gadgets while watching movie or reading? With the Spiderpodium, your hands can freely do anything, so just sit back and relax while enjoying a good ol’ movie or ebook. And since it’s designed uniquely, it will sure turn heads when someone sees you using one.

Get yourself a Spiderpodium now! You choose from either black or white. Anyway, whatever color you choose, it will sure catch attention of those who see it for the first time.

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