Sirius XM Lynx is Almost Here!

Due to an accidental posting on Best Buy’s website, details of the upcoming Lynx radio receiver from Sirius XM have been revealed. Aside from specs, product images has also leaked and it is listed at $249.99. This unusual portable satellite radio receiver and it runs a greatly customized version of Android. You’ll also be surprise by some of its behavior that’s much like of a smartphone. As its controls, the Lynx SX1 features a multi-touch screen with extra Android keys. Users can also enjoy hours of entertainment since it offers Wi-Fi connection to SiriusXM Internet Radio. When connected to a SiriusXM LV1 vehicle kit, LH1 home kit or BB2 portable speaker dock (not included), you’ll also receive live satellite radio.

The SiriusXM Lynx SXi1 receiver allows you to pause, rewind and replay live content. Also, it features a microSDHC card slot so you are free to listen to your own playlist anytime. Its rechargeable battery provides 30 hours of operation on a single charge. Another feature you’ll love in the SiriusXM Lynx SXi1 is the Love button that you can use in recording your favorite songs so you can listen to them whenever you want. It is the My SiriusXM Channel that builds a playlist from your fave songs and artists and the My Radio Replays feature automatically records them to a library.

When you purchase the SiriusXM Lynx SXi1 satellite radio receiver, you’ll also get a rechargeable battery, a travel charger and cable, carry pouch, screen leaning cloth, and owner’s manual. The only thing that isn’t revealed yet is its release date. For now, you can click here and look through other Sirius XM products.

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