Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes – An Exciting Gift that Comes in Small Package

Have you completed your Christmas shopping list already? Oh come on, don’t tell me you haven’t! That’s sad because it’s 24 days to go before the holidays, and supposedly by now, you have already finished your Christmas list and have started shopping. But anyway, better late than never, right? So the least that we can do here at Geekie is to give you some gift suggestions. Of course, we won’t be suggesting the usual shirt, perfume, and toys. But instead, we’ll give you some really cool and unique gift ideas that your friends and loved ones will surely appreciate. Okay, let’s start with the Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes – a sure exciting gift that comes in small package.

If you have kids and adult friends or family friends who are fond of playing interactive games, then these interactive gaming cubes will sure make the perfect gift. These cubes basically work by connecting them wirelessly to a nearby computer through a compact USB radio link. These can provide up to 4 hours of play on a single charge and come with a Siftrunner desktop software. The software actually serves as the command-center, so the user can browse and play games, create own games using the Sifteo Creativity Kit. and gain access to more games in the Sifteo store. A Sifteo charging dock is also included and this can recharge not just one but as many as six cubes in one charging.

So, what do you think? These interactive gaming products are simply unique, so there’s no doubt they’ll make as great gifts. Order the Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes here now!

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