Show Off Your Game Achievements with Roxio Game Capture

Game bragging rights are earned not claimed – and earning one is no cakewalk. You either have enough witnesses or solid proof of your in-game accomplishment to prove that you’re the real deal. Luckily, proving that you earned those enemy ears and scalps is now easier with the new Roxio Game Capture. This device allows any gamers to record, personalize, and post their gameplay videos from their XBOX 360 or PS3 with relative ease. Now you can show off how you beat an entire invading horde of aliens seven ways to Sundays and relieve the moment over and over again.

To set-up, simply connect the console Component AV cable to the AV port of your X-Box or PS3 and then plug the component video and RCA audio cables to the inputs on the Roxio Game Capture. Next, connect the Roxio Game Capture device to the video and audio input of your TV using component cables and to your laptop or PC using a USB cable. This game recording box will then record your in-game experience in 480p with options to save in different popular video formats like AVI, WMV, DivX, MP4, and even still images. The included software is totally easy to use, it allows gamers to edit their videos, change fonts, and add swipes and fades, commentary, music, and voiceovers.

Package includes one component cable, one RCA audio cable, and one USB cable. Console specific Component AV cable not included. Purchase Roxio Game Capture here!

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