Shocking Liar Reloaded

Planning a house get-together with your friends? Do away with the usual – dancing modes and listening to music beat thingy. Cocktails and foods, well, they should always be on the list. But as far as activities are concerned, you can very much add a little spice on them. Charades? Well, they’d do! Strip poker? Hmmm not bad, but it’s a little old-fashioned. Why not try something shocking? Yes, literally, try something shocking, something that will give your friends the shock of their lives when they answer falsely. The Shocking Liar Reloaded will certainly boost the energy level of everyone, making your house get-together the best they have ever attended so far.

This nifty gadget is designed to effectively humiliate and literally shock your friends. Okay, first, gather everyone around. Then, take in turns to strap each of your friends hand, yourself included, while the rest ask a series of not-so-serious questions, in fact embarassing questions will do. The Shocking Liar then will sift the truth from the lie, and whenever it seems to recognize your friend’s lie, he or she will be electrically shocked. This shock isn’t dangerous though, the shock is just there to give you all a good time.

So, what do you think? This is one unique idea to have fun on your house get-together, right? Well, you can always combine it with great music and dance tunes in between. But all in all, this new toy of yours will be the highlight of the party.

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