Shinyvision 2.0MP Digital Dental Microscope

If you’re a dentist and looking for a gadget that will help make dental cleaning and other dental procedures a lot easier and more convenient for you, then you may want to consider adding the Shinyvision 2.0MP Digital Dental Microscope to your long list of dental equipment. Although you know these procedures pretty well, this gadget will certainly help you take each procedure to the next level so you can provide more satisfying results to your clients. Let’s say, your client wants to have a dental cleaning done. Before you start with the procedure, you can use this digital dental microscope to take pictures of the cavities that you’re planning to remove and the set of teeth that has to be cleaned more thoroughly. And then, discuss it with your client so he/she will know why you’ll spend a bit more time for the said procedure.

Some dentists may not find this Shinyvision Digital Dental Microscope useful for their clinic, but for those who are having a hard time seeing the smallest things inside the client’s mouth, this will sure be of big help. Why? Because this can magnify up to 200 times and send the pictures directly to one’s computer monitor. It practically works by taking pictures of the objects that you are viewing and the resolution of the said pictures can be 1024 x 768 pixels. Not only that, it can also take videos at 30 frames per second so you have better reference there.

Interested to get this item? Check out the Shinyvision 2.0MP Digital Dental Microscope here.

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